From the recording Revolution - "LIVE"


I'd been treading water for way too long.
Too afraid to admit that I was wrong.
We sat in your car
I watched you cry.
I didn't miss the water 'til the well ran dry.

You've ignited a revolution
Incited a revolution
You've inspired a revolution
In my heart

A crescent moon looked on as I wiped your tear stained cheek.
In that early morning moment there were no words to speak.
Ben Harper on the stereo you laid your head on me.
Did you not realize you were an instant remedy?

You've ignited a revolution...

So now you've gone away with a hammer in your hand.
My hearts on the anvil do you even understand?
That I'm powerless in your presence, vulnerable through my soul.
Thank you oh so much girl for helping me to lose control.

You'e ignited a revolution...