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  1. Luna - "LIVE "

From the recording Luna - "LIVE "


Cast out into the street
by a flower child gone to seed.
I used to wonder what kind of mother
could watch her little girl bleed.
Daddy played the wrong way with the core of her innocence.
Learning how to market her flesh
the only way she'd ever have a chance.

I gave On the Road to Luna
it was all I had to share.
A soul lookin' for some cover
after years of being bare.
I gave On the Road to Luna
both of us tryin' to survive.
Teenaged creature of impulse
fifteen goin' on forty five.

She had the itch when I met her
and a pinprick look in her eyes.
"There's got to be some other place I won't have to live this lost angel lie."
Freedom of the road swallowed Luna and
soon she stopped being sick.
'til six months later in San Miguel de Allende
the clock began to tick.

I gave On the Road to...

She left the road in Mexico
a slave to the thrill of sin.
Wound up back in Long Beach
to start all over again.
Some are born to free will
some are born to fate
Luna was born to a losin' hand
in a game that started too late.

I gave On the Road to...