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  1. WWJD?

From the recording WWJD?


Sold down the river
On a worn out raft
Workin' hard to stay afloat
And harder just to laugh
Up ahead in the distance
I'm beginning to see
A luxury oil tanker
Heading straight at me
Jumped in the river
And I tried to swim to shore
The tanker smashed my raft
The crew pulled me aboard

How much does it take
To be rich like you?
You can sleep with the devil
And own the pearly gates too
How much does it take
To be rich like you?
If you offered him all your
What would Jesus do?

There was a tired old man
Who didn't know his name
And a fool at the wheel
Said that he ain't to blame
A big time puppeteer
Was second in command
I watched him go below deck
Come back with blood on his hands
Said your lucky to be alive
Fortunate to be free
You happened to cross paths
With America's destiny

How much does it take...

They flashed me some money
More than I ever seen
Said this is for your raft
It'll buy our way clean
More than anyone could want
More than any one could see
Stay out of our way son
'cause we're born to lead
Back on the river
I've got a brand knew raft
I guess it's just my nature
I'll be the last one left to laugh

How much does it take...
Too much is enough to be rich like you
If hell does exist that's where you're headed to.