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  1. They Danced Big

From the recording They Danced Big


Annie had a smile
Like a sun flame
Melted Jimmy's heart
In the warm laughing rain of early June
These lover's got their start

Forgetting about the past
To wonder if a love could last
They danced big
Aiming for the stars
They danced big
Reaching so far

Jimmy lived in a fishbowl
With a void for everyone to see
Annie came along
Held his heart 'til it finally broke free
Jimmy was unchained
For Annie he did the same

They danced big...

Two wild streams can come together
Too passionate souls can make a might river
Heading for the ocean
Of sensual emotion

They danced big

Mighty river lusts for fire
As the forces of earth and air collide
Jimmy's heart was placed in exile
Annie moved on she said goodbye
Years have quickly passed
A voice says "nothing lasts"

They danced big