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  1. Atlas

From the recording Atlas


Inside out and upside down.
Lost in the shuffle she wanders around.
He walks too slow when he oughtta run quick.
Acts so healthy but he feels so sick.

It ain't pretty bein' easy in a world that wants you to be so hard.
With a chip on his shoulder Atlas held a boulder that's the size of their pain.

Desire is the way that she makes the trip.
To the fountain of youth where she takes a sip.
He could call for his ma but it's much too late.
'cause he wasted the time that it took to wait

It ain't pretty...

Walking contradictions there's a little bit of them in everyone of us.
So you better check your gun sacrifice some fun a shallow mind will cause a soul to rust.

If he could see inside her mind I believe he'd find a way to shine.
'cause he talks about peace while he wages a war always trying to even the score

It ain't pretty...