It's been a long while 

Too long in fact. There are whispers of a couple gigs this summer. Stay tuned.

Some "new" news 

Yes, SILAS too can fall victim to the shallowness of polling contests. And yes, it's quite like stuffing the ballot box...well...ahem... At any rate "Revolution in my Heart" actually made the semi-final round in the AmerikanaAlt.Kountry Kategory of OUR STAGE. Check it out at and participate if you want to. Otherwise we'll see you soon. We promise ; )


Saturday, October 13th, 2007 Luna 9:00 PM 30 E. Broadway Eugene OR 541-434-LUNA Price: $6.00 ---------------------- Friday, November 9th, 2007 Overtime Grill 8:30 PM 770 S. Bertlesen Eugene OR 541-342-5028 Price: No Charge --------------------- Saturday, December 8th, 2007 The Landmark Inn 9 PM 111 Hwy 101 Yachats OR 541-547-5459 Price: No Cover -------------- SEE YOU THERE, TEAM SILAS

SILAS Returns to the Stage 

SILAS will play three shows in August starting Friday , August 10th at the Jefferson State Pub in Ashland, OR. This show will be a treat as the band will perform "acoustic". They return to Luna in Eugene the following night, Saturday, August 11th for an acoustic set followed by a full on electric set. On Sunday, August 12th, the band returns to the Landmark Inn in Yahacts, OR for a sample of their signature Northwest Rock sound. Come check out a show and see what the boys have been up to.

SUMMER TOUR Taking Shape! 

Dates have been added to this year's summer tour starting in August! Check the calendar for dates in Ashland, Eugene and Yachats, and look for more dates to be added in Washington, Idaho and Montana. More then likely, there will be another ACOUSTIC RAT(rest area tour) this year as we hope to see you at a SILAS show or restroom stop along the way! TEAM SILAS

The Landmark Inn 

Last nights show at the Landmark was great fun for the band. They'd like to thank Bruce, Bear, Tia and Annie as well as all the other wonderful folks who made for an enjoyable night of music.

KLCC radio interview 

Since we are taking the months of November and December "off" from live performance, we thought we'd put up the radio interview from 8/10/06. Check it out in the "press/reviews" section.

SILAS Hits The Road 

for a short two show run 10/20 and 10/21/2006...first heading south to Ashland, Oregon for a pub gig at the famous Jefferson State Pub. Then it's on to Klamath, California to the Gold Bear Casino for a long show in the "Golden State". It's sure to be a fun and exciting time for the band and the fans...see you there!