Todd Dennis - Guitar and Lead Vocals Steve Arriola - Lead Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals Almond Davis - Keys, Vocals SILAS can't be confined to a box. Simply put, they can TWANG, ROCK, STRUM, GROOVE and JAM like no other. Some say the Twangified Northwest Rock band are Alternative Country. They're in a genre with Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo. Some insist that there are tinges of jazz-influenced jam rock, like Phish and the Allman Brothers. Others call the SILAS style Americana roots rock, citing such characteristic artists as The Band, Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle. There is no denying the sincerity of their groove. SILAS achieves their rootsy sound by tending to the myriad influences the band members soaked up over the years. The band's social consciousness and populist sentiments provide the lyrical character essential to the SILAS sound. From the enchanting melodies and tones that invite us all to pull up a chair and take a load off, to the edgy passion of a town crier gone mad, SILAS tells a story. As for what exactly is the proper classification, you'll just have to take a listen and opinionate for yourself.