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RELEASED: 2006, self-released
GENRE: Alt-country rock, with a hint of politics and a hint of Jesus

"Can't stop thinking 'bout you," vocalist Todd Dennis sings over and over again on "Medicine Bow," the first track of SILAS' self-titled upcoming release. And he has a point. After putting this album on repeat a few times your thoughts have a certain country twang to 'em — they've been SILAS-ized. Dennis, Steve Arriola, Stephen Spatz, Scott Dillinger and Sean Brennan make up the alt-country band with a dash of jam and a pinch of roots-rock.

The juxtaposition of "Atlas" and "The Inland Empire" at the end of the album showcases the diversity of SILAS. "The Inland Empire" is revved up and rockin', like a good ol' backwoods hootenanny, while "Atlas" carries a melodic melancholy, liable to make you remember when the corn crop failed and Pop's three-legged dog, Lucky, had to be "taken out back." SILAS is quality contemporary country with that unmistakable Eugene influence. — Tim O'Rourke
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Scroll to the "Interview" section of our Music page.
The Register-Guard * June 2, 2006
"TICKET" Weekly Entertainment Guide
SILAS is blue-collar and proud of it.
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