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Earth Day - April 12, 2006

A brief history
We are playing at EWEB plaza on April 22nd at 2:00 PM. Come join the celebration.

New Songs - April 4, 2006

We've added all the songs from the upcoming album on the music page. We're sorry for problems reported since the beginning of the Silasband website regarding copying tunes. At least you can listen on your PC. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to respond with opinions. We also are negtiating logistics for a couple more festival gigs here in Oregon and in Washington. Stay tuned.

CD Update - March 30, 2006

Mixing was completed earlier this week and mastering completed yesterday at Freq. Mastering in Portland. Stay tuned for the release date sometime in early May.

Recording Update - March 5, 2006

We continued mixdown sessions at Gung Ho Studio the past three days. There are new mixes up on the free music page including a new song "Revolution In My Heart". More songs will be added as they are mixed. SILAS' debut album, tentatively titled "Battered and Fried" will be released sometime in early May. Stay tuned for more news.

Progress on CD - February 18, 2006

SILAS was back in the studio at Gung Ho last Wednesday (2-15), specifically Stephen doing pedal steel tracks. We begin mixdown Thursday, March 2 and hope to have the CD ready for sale in early May.

Luna - Thanks - January 29, 2006

Thanks to our friends and everyone who came out to support us on Saturday. We were all a bit apprehensive about the gig because it was the first time we have tried to play with acoustic instruments in a live setting.

Welcome 2006 - January 3, 2006

Hopefully this is the year your dreams come true. Silas began recording today at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene. We should have a CD out in the early spring. Stay tuned for more Silas related news in the coming weeks. And a reminder, Silas plays Sam Bond's Garage next Wednesday, January 11th.

We're # 2! - October 20, 2005

Alright, so we didn't win the Eugene Weekly's "Best of Eugene" Awards. But, thanks to your generous support and encouragement ....

WE'RE #2! WE'RE #2!

(That's what we chanted to ourselves at the SILAS afterparty following our performance at the Mcdonald Theatre last week.)

It's official and in today's paper. SILAS has won second place in two seperate categories:
Best Jam Band and Best Rock Band.

Thank you to everyone who voted. YOU ROCK!....and jam too.

Saturday Market - October 15, 2005

Thanks for sticking around and listening, even though it wasn't the best weather. Thanks also to "Dana's Cheesecake" for filling our pie holes. It was AWESOME!

Thanks Randy! - October 15, 2005

Yesterday, Steve Arriola and Todd Dennis of SILAS were interviewed live on KRVM's "Friday Free for All" with host Randy Omel. The spot began with a track from the SILAS demo CD ("Thousand Children") and after a round of SILASTINE Trivia, the guys played an unplugged version of "What Would Jesus Do?".

Thanks Randy! That was fun.

A Little Reminder: Did you know that you can download free MP3s of your favorite SILAS tunes, which are the same tracks you hear on KRVM and KLCC?

Go Ahead! It's not stealing if we're giving it away. ENJOY!

FYI - October 10, 2005

Did you know that you can get SILAS lyrics to MP3's by clicking on the song title in the Free Music section of the website????

It's a boy!!!!! - October 9, 2005

Chaonne Mallory delivered a baby boy early Sunday morning 10-9-05. She, Stephen, Solstice and Rohana are all now rejoicing with a new addition to the family. As of this time, a name has not been decided. We will keep you posted. Again, welcome to baby Mallory-Spatz.

Best of Eugene Weekly Awards Ceremony - September 15, 2005

SILAS will be performing at the McDonald Theatre as part of the Eugene Weekly "Best of" Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 15th. This is a benefit for Food For Lane County. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 7:30. Thanks to all who voted for SILAS.

NW Radio - September 3, 2005

Silas is now being streamed on NW Radio. Check it out at .

2005 Eugene Celebration - August 11, 2005

Silas was formally offered a slot to play the 2005 Eugene Celebration earlier today. We will be playing the Luckey's stage from 3-4PM on Saturday October 1st. We want to cordially invite all our supportive friends, "the Silastines", to come down and let the unknowing share in our ever evolving musical experience/experiment. You all have said so many kind words to us this summer. Thanks!!!

Best Jam Band in Eugene? - July 24, 2005

So, you like SILAS? Cool!

You can vote in this Summer's Eugene Weekly Best of Eugene contest if you want to. You can even tell your friends to do the same.

All you gotta do is write SILAS in the Best JAM Band line on the ballot (published on the back cover of this week's issue of Eugene Weekly). Only one ballot per person and the deadline is Early September (The winning bands get to play at the McDonald Theatre). Man, that would be a fun gig!

Thanks again for all of your support!

Blue Note Concert Series - July 16, 2005

Thanks to all the folks at Big Green Events and Downtown Eugene Inc. for making it a wonderful night for us at the Broadway Plaza. Also, thanks again to Todd and Michael for a great job on the sound. It was good to see some folks that have been to a few of our past gigs and we hope the new listeners will come back again.

New lunchtime show added - July 8, 2005

SILAS will play a laid back acoustic set at Eugene's Fifth Street Public Market on Thursday July 14 from 12-12:45 pm. Come down and eat lunch with SILAS.

Another SILAS outdoor concert - July 7, 2005

We hope to see all your smiling faces once again for the Bluenote Concert Series gig, sponsored by Downtown Eugene Inc. It's Friday July 15th in the Downtown "Kesey Plaza". Gates open at 5PM with the downbeat at 6PM. It's an all ages show so bring the little ones.

What a great 4th! - July 7, 2005

SILAS and the gang would like to extend thanks to Brendan Relaford of Big Green Events, and the Eugene Active 20/30 Club for inviting us to play this years Art and the Vineyard/Freedom Festival. It was great to see so many friends out there dancing and having a good time. We sure felt the love! Thank y'all for your kind words and inspiration. It's feels so good to have strong support here in our hometown of Eugene.

Let's do it again next year!

Thanks again,


Declaration of Independence - July 4, 2005

Excerpt from Tom Burnam's "The Dictionary of Misinformation"

Declaration of Independence

This historic document is dated July 4, 1776, and it is generally supposed that on that day it was first adopted by the Continental Congress and unanimously signed by the members. Actually July 4 was the day on which the last draft was voted on, and on that day not all delegates had approved it and there were no signers at all.
This is what really happened. On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced a motion for a declaration of independence. A committee of five was selected to produce the document, including Thomas Jefferson, who performed the actual writing. His version was revised by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Jefferson himself, before it went to Congress. Congress did some editing of its own. A resolution of independence was adopted by Congress on July 2, 1776. That was the day the action was taken, and the statement itself was terse. The committee's declaration, in the wonderful language of Jefferson, is a much fuller statement which sets forth the theory of this country's government and the justification for the break in the light of the specific grievances that its people had endured.
The final draft was not approved unanimously by July 4. New York did not even vote on it until July 9.
The signing was even more gradual, and it is quite misleading to speak of the "fifty-six original signers of the Declaration of Independence." By August 6 most of those whose names are on the document had signed, but at least six signatures were attached later. One signer, Thomas McKean (abbreviated to Tho. M:Kean) did not attach his name until 1781! Some of those who signed were not even in Congress when the Declaration was adopted, and some who voted for it in the Congress never did get around to signing it. Robert R. Livingston was one of the committee of five; he helped to frame it; and he never signed it.

Links - June 13, 2005

Hey, folks. There is a new sub-site for Silas with pages for band members, previous posters, splash pages, and in the future, more content. It is on a different server, so be patient waiting for the pages to load. Click Links (on your left) and then click Silas off the beaten path.

The last day of May - June 1, 2005

There will never be Another May 31, 2005.

The last day of May
Pirouhettes shimmering Spring
In the pale blue sky.

Thanks for all the words of support from the last few gigs (A.J.'s, Game Day, Overtime and private gatherings). We're gearing up for a fantastic summer with many outdoor "festival" shows. Also, we are very close to finally releasing a CD to replace the weary old mp3s you may have downloaded from our site. The current remixes are sounding crisp and we believe you might appreciate the full SILAS CD package. For those who haven't checked out a live show, please do so and become infected with a Silastine perspective.

Once again many thanks to all our friends,


Welcome International Visitors - April 29, 2005

Silas has noticed a number of website visitors from outside the U. S. A. (nine countries) downloading material (mp3's). Please feel free to check in with us by signing the guestbook or e-mailing us. You can also opt to remain private. Thanks for your support.

Silas Supports Peter Sorenson - April 26, 2005

Lane County Commissioner (and Silas' early hope for Oregon's next governor) Peter Sorenson graced the U of O Earth Day Celebration encouraging civic involvement to ensure clean H2O supplies. This is an issue that concerns all Oregonian's regardless of their position on the political spectrum. Silas would like to extend their thanks to Pete for stopping by on Earth Day

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