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SILAS: Guestbook


December 5, 2005

Guy is on the road. Stops into a bar for a beer. Sitting at the bar and remembers he left his car unlocked. Runs outside. Sure enough! Two more accordions next to his other one.

Chris Potatohead

December 4, 2005

Ever heard Scott play Whippin' Post on accordion?

Arnold Ziffle

November 15, 2005

I've gotta hand it to you guys in SILAS, your music can make pigs fly.

john gage

November 8, 2005

No Roy, mamma always used to say SILAS is like a box of chocolates... Remember???

roy desoto

November 8, 2005

my mamma always said silas is as silas does.

richard bloch

November 5, 2005

hey, its a cool web site... kinda retro. . you do have a talent here!!!

nice to meet you at riverstone


David St.Hubbins

October 17, 2005

And Oh... How they dahnced, The little children of SILAS beneath the haunted moon, for fear that daybreak might come too soon...
Is it silastine like in:
jelly bean
pinto bean
or is it silastine like in:
because you're mine,
I walk the line.??

All those "tines"

October 16, 2005

Redfield had the "celestines", immigration had the "palatines", so why shop for a tired old description of the vast legions of SILAS Fans? We shall call them the "SILASTINES" my good friend Nigel. And I might add, "little children of SILAS....DANCE.


October 15, 2005

Where did the Silastine come from? I saw it on the site and I've never heard it before.

Cindy Ingram

October 15, 2005

Yesterday when members of SILAS were interviewed on KRVM Radio, the host asked the guys how far reaching the fan base was for SILAS (also refered to as the SILASTINES). Just for fun I went to the website tracking and found a shocking number of international visitors who have been downloading SILAS tunes.

AS of Nov. 2004, the list is as follows:
Slovic Republic
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
South Korea
and Thailand

I smell an international tour in the bands future!

Karl Rove

October 2, 2005

Todd and all, it was great seeing you guys again! It was god to be in Eugene. It was great getting out of DC & away from that conservative nonsense! Thanks for remebering me during the show - it was a great set!
Hopefully, I'll get back to see you guys soon! Hey, here's the set list:

Cheapest Hope in Town
What Would Jesus Do?
1,000 Children
Revolution of the Heart
Brightest Star
Inland Empire

toniruby darcy

September 20, 2005

you guys rock
caught your act at tims bd party
come check out savoy and 3 women band at sams place
this friday.....wear your dancin shoes.....oh yeah!!!!!

Ted Leichner

August 8, 2005

Cool pictures. I haven't heard you guys yet. Hopefully, I will.


Call me about the Martin(000-15).





August 6, 2005

Another grerat show Fri @ Sam's. Liz Reed was extremely HOT, one of the best I've heard. There was a third set, but it was paast my bed time so ....
For those were unable to make the show here goes:

Key to the Highway
Inland Empire
Just a Rose
Statesboro Blues
Heart's of Stone
Rolling in the Grassland
Cheapest Hope in Town
-2nd Set-
Brightest Star
Turn Around
Thousand Children
Happy B-day (Pam & Tim)
Big Dance ?
In Memeory of Elizabeth Reed
What Would Jesus Do?


August 2, 2005

Blackberry Fest 07*30*05
Lowell OR

Ok, I think this was the set and I'm not sure of the break, but it was hot, so hot Sean strips at the end and plays ala Chili Peppers - wearing just a sock - and the beers were cold so the memeory ain't what it could be.
But, once again a kick ass show.

Set List:
Brightest Star
Just a Rose
Inland Empire
Thousand Children
Heart's of Stone
Dance Big
Revolution of the Heart
Turn Around
Med. Bow
2nd Set
Rolling in the Grasslands
Homage>Cheapest Hope in Town

Jerry Gally

July 24, 2005

The best band I've heard since the demise of Phish & Jerry Garcia. Definitely world class on the order of the Geatful Dead, Phish & Santana & remiscent of all three with the best lead guitarist I've ever seen/heard in my life of 45 years.

You are, with out a doubt, gonna hit the big time if you simply stick it out, build on it, and spread your wings so that others are a fortunate as I was to hear you today.

Craig & Derek

July 15, 2005

Great show downtown! Here's the set list kids!

Brightest Star
Just a Rose
Inland Empire
Turn Around
Homage>Cheapest Hope in Town
Heart's of Stone
What Would Jesus Do?

Set 2
Thousand Children
Revolution of the Heart
Travlin' Light
In Memeroy of Eliz' Reed

Memphis in the Mean Time

pamela DuVall

July 11, 2005

Hi Todd - was much fun to see you again...Dale and I thouroughly enjoyed the music and will keep an eye out for future opportunities. I was going to ask if you wanted to join us on Sat. 15th - my 50th b-day! I see you are playing that night. We'll come by the market on Thursday. It's wonderful to be in a place where people can run in to each other, even after years go by. It looks like the music has arrived!


Michael T. Ross/Hollywood

July 11, 2005

Hey Stephen, Your former bandmate (keys)and best bro here. Glad to see your still shredding. Email me sometime and say hey. p.s. come on, let's play Yngwie J. Malsteen cover tunes for the talent show! ha ha Michael

armando arriola AKA steve's dad

July 3, 2005

love ya son but where are my cds?

Klaus D. Pressler

June 9, 2005

...and if I closed my eyes, I could almost see George Benson playing those fluid runs...!


May 12, 2005

hey guys, chris from aleson tap, i really dig your sound, eclectic and established, and i hope we play another gig together soon

bonbon your favorite bartender

April 27, 2005

nice to see that your still playing
music hope that I didnt send this
twice. hope to see u soon and meet the rest of the band!!!!!!!!!
till next time keep playin and smiling take care. Stevo if thats u hello,and i really miss your hugs

Nathan Ruddick

April 20, 2005

You guys were so fresh at Earth Day! The guy on guitar delivered some seriously jazzy licks. I was born at sacred heart and have lived in eugene my whole life so far and to me personally your music makes eugene feel like such a cool place to be a part of. You guys were RIPPING!

Tom Laird

April 20, 2005

I'm listening to you right now on KRVM and thinking, wow, I'm so out of touch if I haven't even heard of you before. Glad I'm finally getting tuned in, time to turn on and drop out!!!

Joan Plotnick-Salvo

March 13, 2005

Music's great. Easy to listen to. Nice website.

Mom and Dad Spatz

March 13, 2005

A thrill to hear you on the radio. Terrific sound and songs. Hope to see SILAS live in Eugene this summer.

alan fish

February 14, 2005

Cindy says you guys are realy good so I decided to check out your website.....she was right!

January 29, 2005

Rock on Josephine! Saw them, loved them, may drop out of life and devote myself to Silas.


January 29, 2005

:P taod ur a toad:p!!lol

Donna Talarico

January 25, 2005

Good luck guys!! Rock on. : )

charles haller

January 24, 2005

hey guys. the music sounds great and the lyrics are uber-cool. can't wait til your next eugene show.

Jodi Setliff

January 24, 2005

You guys are great!!


January 21, 2005

My nephew's name is I suppose you guys are way cool.

David Espinoza

January 21, 2005

My my what a fine new addition to the American music scene. Refreshing sound with clear reference and homage to their Americana music roots. Can't get enough. Looking forward to seeing this band live - and soon!


January 21, 2005

You guys ROCK! I can't wait to see your next show!

Hal Johnson

January 21, 2005

Looking forward to seeing you live, again. Great expierence!

Elaine Ingram

January 21, 2005

Fantastic group, enjoyed the original songs as well as the variety everyone can dance to.
Will book you again!

Dana Berthold

January 21, 2005

Silas is so hot! I mean actually they are intelligent and politically poignant. And hot.

Jaime Williams

January 7, 2005

I look forward to hearing you all in person once we move back to Eugene this summer!!! Save a front row seat for me....Jaime

Charity Lynn

January 4, 2005

I saw some of you guys play at the Overtime Tavern off of West 11nth, in Eugene the other night. It was some Thursday Blues Jam! Todd Dennis belted out "whipping Post" like he realy meant it, and Steve Arriola dished out that funky twang with a side of the stinky blues. Man I loved it. The band should play there more often.

Karen Yegella

December 18, 2004

Tell my cousin, Todd Dennis, that Edson says it's a whole new ball game. (He'll understand).

Martin E. Williams

December 6, 2004

Enjoyed the show the other night over on Hwy 99! I tried to send you some photos but couldn't send them to this site. I believe I need someone's personal e-mail address ( or something like that) to send the photos over. It won't let me send to for some reason. I also tried others that showed up on google search that seemed closely related-no dice. If you can provide an alternate let me know otherwise I'll print the pics and give them to Steve A. next school term. Keep up the good work and let's have a Renaisance. Sincerely, Martin

jay deverell

November 12, 2004

very cool music todd, and the rest of the band .
thanks for the link todd

Phyllis O'Neill

November 5, 2004

I love the website, and the music. When are you playing again in Eugene???

Moss Street Children's Center

October 28, 2004

What a fun time we had, dancing and grooving to your tunes. Thank you for your time and interest in our children and their developing appreciation for music. CCDC.

Ananda and Patti

October 3, 2004

Hey guys, lets hear some of those new tunes....get out there and gig would ya? Would love to jam soon......rock on-


September 27, 2004

great hearing from you, dudeman! we probably have lots more catching up to do; hope to hear from you via machine soon! brightest of blessings and congratulations on your happiness!

matt arriola

September 16, 2004

hey guys dig the new site keep up the good work.

faith and steve powers

September 5, 2004

Nice website. Looking forward to visiting w/ you Todd later this month. I'm gonna try to hear some of your music now if I can figure it out. TC, ya know.


September 4, 2004

Good to see that you guys are traveling again. What about bringing Cubensis up here from LA to play? Peace out!!!
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